Bike Easy at Success Prep Academy’s Family Night

Posted by Administrator on April 20, 2016 in Bicycle Safety

Bike Easy works with neighborhood, community and school groups to get young people moving on bikes!

With generous support from the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, Bike Easy is able to bring quality bike riding experiences to the youth of our region. Partnering with Success Prep Academy in the 6th Ward and Friends of Lafitte Greenway, Virginia Brisley and Jordan Henderson provided bike rodeo activities for students who attended this month’s Family Night. Youth activities were the theme for this month’s gathering with information shared about NORDC Camps and the Public Library’s Summer Reading Program among other programs and opportunities available for youth throughout the summer.

About fifty young folks, ages 7-14, learned the Eye-Ears-Mouth Method to fitting a helmet correctly and practiced riding skills while navigating our rodeo skills course using bikes from Bike Easy’s youth bike fleet. The skills course included a slalom, scanning and signaling practice, a mock road intersection and a “rock” dodge (our rock was a half tennis ball!) Most excitingly was the middle school student who never rode a bike before that worked with Virginia for about 15 minutes and was then confidently pedaling around the playground enjoying her first bike ride!

We are grateful for the opportunity to work so closely with our school and community partners to provide bike safety and encouragement activities for everyone in our region. For more information about Bike Easy’s school programming and Community Education workshops please contact Virginia (a)

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