Bike Easy & NOLA Women on Bikes Lead National Webinar

Posted by Anneka on August 18, 2015 in Advocacy

Virginia from Bike Easy and the NOLA Women on Bikes crew led a webinar on Thursday, Aug 20 - 12pm about incorporating youth voices into bicycle advocacy. The webinar was hosted by the League of American Bicyclists.

This week, Virginia from Bike Easy and Marin from NOLA Women on Bikes presented a webinar to the Women Bike group of the League of American Bicyclists on our Youth Spokeswoman internship project that supported Damu’s time with Bike Easy. The webinar was a briefing on how our organizations collaborated to put the internship in place and how to replicate this type of initiative. To link to the presentation, please click here.

In Spring 2014, NOLA Women on Bikes received a League of American Bicyclists Women Bike Mini Grant to hire one female identified young person to be placed as a paid intern with Bike Easy. By partnering with NOLA Women on Bikes and the Youth Empowerment Project, Bike Easy was able to employ Damu Curtis throughout the spring and summer months of 2015.

Because Bike Easy’s programming has expanded to new audiences, Damu increased her skills sets and we were able to continue to offer her on-going work to further nurture a meaningful work and life experience. We’ve enjoyed working with Damu and watching her develop professionally and as an advocate. For more information about Damu’s work at Bike Easy, please see her previous blogposts about Summer CampX & Bike Life Summer Leadership Training.

NOLA Women on Bikes and Bike Easy collaborated on producing a Toolkit to serve as a resource guide for other organizations looking to incorporate youth voices in their work flow. Thank you to Women Bike and the League of American Bicyclists for funding this great project!

Youth Spokeswoman Presentation

Youth Spokeswoman Toolkit

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