Bike Easy conducts People-Friendly Driving Workshop for Lyft Drivers

It takes more than lines painted on the street to keep people biking and walking safe. On August 28th, Bike Easy’s Education Coordinator Laura Harris led a People Friendly Driving presentation for drivers at Lyft’s Hub on Oretha Castle Haley. Bike Easy’s new People Friendly Driving Program teaches drivers safety tips and techniques to keep people safe on the roads – no matter how they’re traveling. The presentation covers what to expect from people biking and walking, how to navigate different types of bicycle infrastructure on the roadways, and an overview of relevant roadway laws.

Lyft has also recently signed on to the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition. The coalition, formed in 2016, is a group of organizations, businesses, civic leaders, and everyday people who support improving our roadways and safe transportation options in order to enhance health, equity, sustainability, prosperity, and quality-of-life for the people of Greater New Orleans. Because it takes everyone working together to do their part, we’re excited to have Lyft on board working towards safer streets for all.

For more info about People Friendly Driving or to host a workshop, contact