Volunteering & Internships

Spend your time helping to create a better bike future

Bike Easy needs you to make bicycling in Greater New Orleans easy, safe, and fun for everyone!

There is a way for (just about) everyone to get involved:

  • Sign up for our Volunteer Email List to stay up-to-date on specific volunteers opportunities at events like Bike Valet and more
  • Leap into a long-term position with leadership potential and become an intern

Long-Term Opportunities

Bike Easy is seeking dedicated volunteers and interns for long-term, leadership commitments to various programs, campaigns, and projects to help make bicycling in Greater New Orleans easy, safe, and fun for everyone.

From helping around the office in support of our Membership Program to outreach and event organizing, there are many ways you can get involved! To learn more about long-term volunteering opportunities, come out to our monthly Volunteer Night the first Tuesday of every month.

These are project-based, staff-like volunteer opportunities that generally involve a minimum 3-month, 5-10 hour per week commitment (specific arrangements can be made per individual). You’ll receive the training and support you need to make an effective impact on the most pressing bicycle issues while building the organization’s strength for the long-haul. As you hone your skills, you’ll have the opportunity to take on real responsibilities and leadership roles in Bike Easy projects, events, and campaigns.

We are currently seeking leaders for the following projects and programs:

  • #NOLAPeopleOnBikes Project Leader – Lead Bike Easy’s effort to tell the stories of everyday people who ride bikes in Greater New Orleans. This education and communications work helps build a culture of roadway safety and political support for bicycling. (You can also help right now by following and sharing the #NOLAPeopleonBikes project on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!). You’ll need project management skills, interview and writing ability, and basic knowledge of social media. Bonus if you can take nice photos.
  • Bike Valet Program Coordinator – Encourage more people to ride and support New Orleans bike culture by setting up and managing Bicycle Valet at local festivals and events. It’s a fun and easy way to engage with fellow bicycle riders and experience our region’s one-of-a-kind festival culture, and you’ll be in charge of specific, individual Bike Valet events. You’ll need basic event management experience, an outgoing personality, and the ability to transport a fair amount of materials (bike trailer or car).
  • Membership Program Coordinator – Help grow our Membership base! You’ll make sure all our new members quickly receive acknowledgement, ensure membership details are being properly tracked in our database system, recruit new members, and develop fun way to show appreciation for the people who make our work possible. This entails a lot of database management, office work, and some outreach.
  • Street Design Advisory Committee Leader – Are you a planner? Engineer? Just really interested in how streets are designed to accommodate people? Take a leadership role in our Street Design Advisory Committee (a part of our Advocacy Committee) to help develop Bike Easy’s recommendations for specific street projects throughout Greater New Orleans. You’ll help coordinate the group (organize meetings, take notes, follow up, etc) and contribute your ideas and expertise to our street design proposals.
  • Event Organizer – Join an Organizing Committee for Bike Easy’s signature Bicycle Second Lines, Bike to Work Week, our Annual Holiday Party, or other various events that pop up. People on these committees work collaboratively to plan, promote, and execute Bike Easy’s community events, and there are many tasks to distribute. Bring whatever event organizing skills you have!
  • Outreach Leader – For everything from school fairs to community screenings, Bike Easy is often invited to various community events to set up a table for distributing bicycling safety information and other materials. We never want to say no to an invitation, but it’s hard being everywhere at once. We’ll train you in the basics, and then you can help by representing Bike Easy at various events. All you need is an outgoing personality, ability to transport materials, and a desire to tell people about safe & better biking!
  • Bike Easy Graphic Designer – Have experience with Adobe Creative Suite and want to help improve biking in New Orleans? Help us design a new brochure, an Annual Report, a report on the state of bicycling in New Orleans, social media outreach graphics, bicycle safety materials, and more!
  • Bike Easy Photographer – Help Bike Easy capture our fun rides and educational events! Use your photography and basic editing skills, and you’ll get to see your photos in Bike Easy publications. We also need help managing our photo assets and organizing all the great images that we have.
  • Blog Editor/Writer – Help build Bike Easy communications by creating, editing, and managing blog content. Responsibilities include writing member spotlight stories, recruiting partner organizations to provide content for the Bike Easy blog, covering events, posting blog content and sharing on social media, and much more. Please bring skills and/or interest in journalism, writing, editing, website management, and great bicycle-related content.
  • Social Media Coordinator – Help us spread our mission and work by contributing to our social media accounts and recruiting others to share, like, comment, and engage with us on social media. You’ll need social media and communications skills, a big online network, and desire to

There are many other possible positions and opportunities for getting involved in a volunteer leadership capacity. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your ideas!

If you’re interested in getting involved, please submit a brief cover letter and resume to Dan Favre via email. with “Volunteering” in the subject line.

Otherwise, we’d love to have you as a volunteer at an upcoming event!

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