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Spend your time helping to create a better bike future

Bike Easy needs you to make bicycling in Greater New Orleans easy, safe, and fun for everyone!

There is a way for (just about) everyone to get involved:

  • Sign up to volunteer!
  • Sign up for our Newsletter to stay up-to-date on specific volunteers opportunities at events like Bike Valet and more
  • Leap into a long-term position with leadership potential and become an intern

Long-Term Opportunities

Bike Easy is seeking dedicated interns for long-term, leadership commitments to various programs, campaigns, and projects to help make bicycling in Greater New Orleans easy, safe, and fun for everyone.

From helping around the office in support of our Membership Program to outreach and event organizing, there are many ways you can get involved!

These are project-based, staff-like volunteer opportunities that generally involve a minimum 3-month, 5 hours a week (specific arrangements can be made per individual). You’ll receive the training and support you need to make an effective impact on the most pressing bicycle issues while building the organization’s strength for the long-haul. As you hone your skills, you’ll have the opportunity to take on real responsibilities and leadership roles in Bike Easy projects, events, and campaigns.

We are currently seeking interns for the following projects and programs:

Position: Public Engagement Intern
Duties: Help spread Bike Easy’s mission of making biking in greater New Orleans easy, safe, and fun by going out into the community to promote the benefits of streets built to share for bikers, walkers, and everyone else on the road. While you’re out there, help us recruit others to volunteer and participate in other Bike Easy programming. Help us amplify our message by taking pictures and capturing stories. This project focuses on talking to people, taking pictures, writing short narratives, and creating stories built for local and national audiences on social media.
Location: Various Bike Easy events.
Qualifications and requirements: Possess skills in writing, interviewing, and interpersonal relations. Have a basic knowledge of social media, value creativity, and ability to manage and organize photos and content.
Benefits: Experience in social media management, opportunity to attend events around the city.

Position: Membership and Outreach Intern
Duties: This position will help increase membership capacity through community outreach. You will help with postering and other forms of outreach before events to increase attendance as well as table for fundraising and membership events. By working closely with our executive director you will provide logistical support by processing and sending membership letters through our database management system. Lastly, this position will help expand our Business Membership program by coordinating and dropping off informational materials at bike-friendly businesses.
Location: Bike Easy office/Outreach Events
Qualifications: Interest in advocacy, time management skills, writing and editing experience, and able to interact with the public.
Benefits: Experience building non-profit capacity, database management, increase public speaking skills, and event planning.

Position: Bike Valet Intern
Duties: Bike Valet is like a coat check for bikes and provides a worry-free fun time to fellow bicyclists. This position will coordinate time commitments of Bike Easy volunteers and set up of Bike Valet. Engage with people using Bike Valet and talk to them about Bike Easy advocacy and benefits of membership.
Location: Various City Festivals
Qualifications: Excellent time management skills, works well as a team, leadership experience
Benefits: Experience in event management, volunteer management, experience building non-profit capacity.

To apply please submit a resume and short letter of interest to Info@BikeEasy.org.

There are many other possible positions and opportunities for getting involved in a volunteer leadership capacity. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your ideas!

Otherwise, we’d love to have you as a volunteer at an upcoming event!

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