Ride a Bike

Riding your bike safely and regularly does amazing things for our region.

Bicycling has incredible benefits for the Greater New Orleans region and the individuals who ride. Opting for your bike helps reduce pollution, improve your health, reduce traffic congestion, and connect communities. Biking is a powerful economic development tool that makes it easier for many people, especially in low-income communities, to get to work. Biking is an accessible form of transportation that can help create social equity and justice. And, biking is by far the best way to experience the beautiful New Orleans region!

Lead by Example, Ride Right

By bicycling around town, you’re visibly serving as an advocate in action, showing other people just how viable, easy, and fun it is to get around by bike. It’s important to follow the rules of the road and always pay attention, show respect, and be patient.

Share the Joy of Biking

More people bicycling on the streets of Greater New Orleans will increase safety for all people riding and build support for improved bicycle infrastructure. Invite your friends riding, help new riders get started, bring family and friends to Bike Easy workshops, and generally let others know why you like biking in New Orleans!

Join the Bicycling Community

There is an incredible, growing bicycle culture in Greater New Orleans that provides many opportunities to ride with others and engage with folks who also love bikes. From beginner rides with Bike Easy and casual fun rides with NOLA Social Ride to 50-mile Saturday morning fast rides with Semi-Tough Cycling Club and the MS 150 with the Rookie Riders, there is something to suit all skill levels and riding styles. Keep an eye on the Bike Easy Calendar of Events for workshops, group rides, and other opportunities to connect with fellow Bike Easy supporters.

Bicycle riding also helps connect people with their neighborhoods, and it can help reveal the true texture and richness of those communities in new ways. We’re extremely fortunate to live in communities that have so much to offer, and when we get out of our cars and onto our bikes we experience them at a gentler pace and scale.

What to do if you are involved in a crash

Bicycle riders have all the same rights and responsibilities to the road – every lane is a bike lane except the interstate. If you are in a crash:

  1. Go to the hospital if you are hurt
  2. Call the police and file an incident report
  3. Get the auto driver’s insurance information and give your auto insurance info if you have it

If you need legal advice, contact our legal sponsor, Bike Law Louisiana.

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