Ride a Bike

Riding your bike instead of taking your car does amazing things for our city.

Lead by Example, Ride Right

By bicycling around town, you’re also serving as an advocate in action, showing other potential bicyclists by your example just how viable, easy, and fun it is to ride. Be sure to act like a vehicle, and be predictable. Most laws that apply to vehicles also apply to bicycles.

What to do if you crash

Bicycle riders have all the same rights and responsibilities to the road – every lane is a bike lane except the interstate. If you are in a crash:

  1. Go to the hospital if you are hurt
  2. Call the police and file an incident report
  3. Get the auto driver’s insurance information, and give your auto insurance info if you have it
  4. File an incident report so we can advocate on your behalf

If you need legal advice, contact our legal sponsor for advice.

Experience Your Community

Bicycle riding helps connect people with their communities, and it can help reveal the true texture and richness of those communities in new ways. We’re extremely fortunate to live in communities that have so much to offer, and when we get out of our cars and onto our bikes we get to experience them at a gentler pace and scale.

Ride with friends, check out local rides

A calendar listing of rides from Crescent City Cyclists, NOLA Social Rides, and more. If you’re nervous to be on the streets alone, this is a great way to get back on the saddle, meet like-minded folks, and experience the city and region in new ways.

Help the Planet, Help Yourself

Every time you choose your bike over your car, you’ve reduced the burden on our environment by that much. You’re doing a favor for everyone by reducing air pollution, fuel consumption and even congestion on our streets. And of course the exercise of getting around under your own steam always does a body good.

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