Community Education & Safety Overview

Bike Easy Community Education & Safety programming gives people of all ages and abilities the skills and confidence to ride their bike safely and aims to teach all people - whether walking, biking, or driving - how to prioritize safety for everyone.

Bike Easy works to increase safety for all people on the roadways through community education. We teach people the rules of the road, skills to successfully ride in traffic, how to drive around all the new bike lanes in town, strategies for safely getting around on foot, and more. We empower others to be safety stewards and help spread these skills throughout the community. Because at the end of the day, we are all just people – whether walking, biking, driving, taking transit, or using a wheelchair – trying to get to our destinations safely and conveniently.

Community Education Accomplishments in 2018:


  • Conducted in-school and after-school programming to teach safe bicycling and walking reaching over 245 youth
  • Organized community safety education events targeting youth: 7 Road Riding 101 classes (90 participants), 4 Teen Multi-Modal Trainings (15 participants), 6 Youth Bicycle Rodeos (123 participants), 15 Afterschool Walk & Roll Club sessions (12 participants), 1 teen bike safety workshop (5 participants)


  • Conducted community workshops, trainings, outreach interventions and rides to help people learn to ride safely and confidently, as well as workshops to teach drivers to drive safely around people biking and walking, reaching over 1,150 people
  • 12 adult community bicycle safety workshops (231 participants), 6 Bike/Walk Friendly Driver Workshops (184 participants), 3 Smart Biking trainings (22 participants), 23 safety outreach interventions (over 670 people reached), 2 Legal Clinics (24 participants), and 1 Law Enforcement Officer Training (12 participants)

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Many thanks to the Louisiana State Department of Transportation, Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, and the many other sponsors and Members who help us accomplish this important work.

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