Community Bicycle Workshops

Education programs for people of all ages - promoting safe, smart, confident bicycling!


Bike Easy has Community Bicycle Workshops for everyone – commuters, recreational riders, young people, and more! Our programs promote bicycle safety and equip old and new riders alike with the resources and skills they need to ride a bicycle safely and confidently, with the ultimate goal of increasing bicycle ridership in our region. If you are interested in hosting a Community Bicycle Workshop, please contact for more information.

We regularly offer the following programs through partnerships with community organizations and businesses:

Adult Workshops

  • Commuter Workshops
  • Presentations at local businesses
  • Mechanics-focused workshops for commuters

Youth & Family Workshops

  • Workshops and Rides at parks, festivals, and more
  • Youth Bike Rodeos


Recognizing the many benefits of bicycling for recreation, transportation, and health, our programs promote bicycling to:

  • Improve your health
  • Experience your neighborhood in new ways
  • Have more energy
  • Save money
  • It’s fun!


In all of our adult workshops, we cover these basic skills:

  • ABC Quick Check to make sure every ride you take is safe, and learning how to fit your bike and helmet properly
  • Discuss the “Rules of the Road” for bicyclists
  • Practice skills, such as turning and scanning behind you, and how to signal safely.
  • Answer your questions about route planning, gears, equipment, and more!

In select workshops, we teach:

  • Fixing a flat tire
  • In-depth mechanics training for commuters
  • Bicycle advocacy and policy, and how to get involved


We partner with community partners to host Youth Bicycle Rodeos, giving students the opportunity to practice safe biking techniques through a series of fun, hands-on activities. Using our bike fleet of 15 youth bikes and trained instructors, students learn and practice the basics of bicycle safety. The curriculum includes:

  • ABC Check and helmet fit
  • Signaling and scanning
  • Safe road riding & right-of way
  • Slow bike races
  • “Mock Roads” practice

Interested in bringing a workshop to your school, business, or community group? Email Laura to discuss the type of program that is the best fit for your group!

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