Bicycle Valet

The free, safe, and easy way for people to secure their bikes at events

Bicycle Valet by Bike Easy provides a free VIP experience to all guests arriving by bicycle to a festival or event. It encourages more people to enjoy the benefits of riding bikes to the incredible local festivals, fairs, and events that occur so often in the Greater New Orleans region. For event organizers, it’s a great way to support the New Orleans bicycle culture while creating a better event experience for all attendees.

Bike Valet noot

If you host events where any of your guests arrive on bikes, then our Bicycle Valet makes a great addition to the program.

Support the New Orleans Bicycle Culture

Including Bicycle Valet at your event shows the community that you support bicycling and Bike Easy’s efforts to make bicycling in Greater New Orleans easy, fun, and safe for everyone.

Better Event Experience and Increased Attendance

Adding dedicated bike parking helps clean up and declutter the festival space, reduces traffic congestion and car parking issues, and provides a more enjoyable experience for everyone who attends. When you offer Bicycle Valet at your event, easy and guaranteed parking helps attract more people by giving them a secure place to park their bikes.

Professional Service Saves You Time and Money

Our complete service means no hassles for organizers. You simply:

  • Mention the service in your advertising and promotions
  • Notify your security personnel
  • Supply us with a secure perimeter and police barricades to create the Bicycle Valet corral.

We do the rest! We promote your event’s Bicycle Valet as well, handle set-up and take-down, run the Bicycle Valet during your event, and carry the liability insurance. For more details, see the Bicycle Valet Request Form or fill out our Google Form

Many event organizers have found that this service reduces cost for car lots and staff to direct traffic. Discounts are available for low-budget, noncommercial events.

Contact to get Bicycle Valet at your event! or fill out our Google Form

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