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Friday, Aug 24, 2012

Fox 8 News yesterday broke this “one-a-day” requirement to ticket bicyclists emailed out by a Lieutenant in the 5th District.

NOPD officers in the 5th District are being ordered to increase the number of field interview cards they fill out, and they must pull over at least one bicyclist every day. But as FOX 8 investigates, many in the community feel the orders violate the constitutional rights of residents. (read more)

Won’t Make Streets Safer, says Bike Easy

In our letter to the Commander of the 5th district today, we outlined a strategy that would work better for everyone. By educating bicyclists, focusing on writing citations for all traffic violations, and building a relationship with cyclists, the NOPD would meet their larger goals:

  • Improve safety conditions for all users of our roadways
  • Creates a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with police and citizens
  • Prioritizes enforcement of speed, moving-violations and other laws that help reduce pedestrian and bicycle crashes.
  • Enforcement of laws accurately and precisely.

Take Action – Join Us In The Fight

Bike Easy has tools like our education workshops, bicycle map and commuter guide, as well as training for officers that could make streets safer for everyone, build community and create a New Orleans we can all be proud of. See the full letter below.

Bike Easy advocates for bicycle rights every day. Add your voice to ours and make an impact. Become a member and help us make streets safer everyday.

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