WDSU - Pushback, praise after city adds temporary but major change to CBD bike lane

Monday, Sep 17, 2018

Pushback, praise after city adds temporary but major change to CBD bike lane
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People in New Orleans are voicing both pushback and praise after the city gave the go ahead for a temporary but major change to a bike lane in the CBD.

Some said it’s a way to create a safer environment for cyclists, other disagree.

A section of Baronne Street from Canal Street to Howard Avenue is now a two-way for those on a bike.

While some say cyclists appreciate the plan, some drivers said there is even less room on the road.

The project is called Connect the Crescent.

The project is one of several areas that they are trying out the idea.

The two-way lane on Baronne opened on Saturday.

Bike Easy said the change creates a barrier for cyclists, improving safety.

They worked with the city on the temporary change and it’s going to be implemented for three months.

They will analyze how it went and the city could make changes.

Some say it’s a great idea; others say it’s making traffic worse and some drivers are confused.

“I think it is excellent. I used to live in Hibernia Tower for five and a half years. Now I live in the Irish Channel. This area you travel a lot. I think it is great,” biker John Seitz said.

“So moronic, and that is take the major artery where people come down here to do business, spend tax dollars, pay property taxes, now suddenly have nonexistent bikers take away an entire lane of traffic,” Gibby Andry who works on Baronne Street said.

Bike Easy said no tax dollars were used for the pop-up project.

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