Drivers vs. cyclists: Whose fault is it when someone dies?, WWL

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

David Blake Reporting

Bicycle riding in New Orleans is enjoying a surge in popularity with thousands of riders hitting the streets every day. Unfortunately, when deadly accidents occur the old debate returns about whether it’s the bike riders or the drivers to blame.

A recent fatality accident on the Pontchartrain Expressway involved a man walking his bicycle in the early morning darkness. Dan Favre, Executive Director of Bike Easy NOLA, says that was not only dangerous, but just plain wrong.

‘‘Biking certainty poses it’s risks and dangers, as does driving, ‘’ said Favre.

When it comes to blame, he says there is plenty to go around on both sides, adding safety awareness needs to be at the forefront.

‘‘We need more billboards out that would let people know when they’re driving, they need to give at least three feet when they’re passing someone on a bike,’‘ he said.

Favre says bike riders and motorists need more safety education, but funding for that kind of campaign is very tight.

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