Bike Easy Statement on Hit-and-Run Crash that Killed Woman Riding a Bicycle

Thursday, Mar 24, 2016

For immediate release: March 24, 2016
Contact: Dan Favre, Bike Easy Executive Director, 504-321-1247

Statement Regarding Hit-and-Run Crash that Killed Woman Riding a Bicycle

“Bicycling is an integral piece of New Orleans transportation landscape, used by everyone from restaurant workers to medical professionals, and we must come together as a city, region, and state to make it safe for everyone.

Last night, a member of our New Orleans community, Monique Massey, was killed simply for riding a bicycle. I don’t know her, but I think of the 29-year old woman we’ve lost. I think of her achievements, dreams for the future, and the community of friends and family who love her. Everyone at Bike Easy sends our condolences to all those feeling her loss.

We can eliminate these horrendous crashes, and we must. Streets must be designed to safely accommodate people biking, laws must be updated to better protect people biking, and education must be provided to ensure that all people – whether walking, biking, or driving – can get to their destination safely.

Police are searching for the person who was driving the black SUV with tinted windows who killed Monique. If you see a vehicle that fits the description with damage to the passenger side or have any other information, please contact Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.”

- Dan Favre, Executive Director

Important notes: In your reporting of events like this, please use the word “crash“ instead of “accident” as there is always some decision that leads to a crash – from choices of street design to someone driving choosing to look at their cell phone.

Please make sure to keep the people in focus – use terms “a woman riding a bike” that allows for imagining a fuller picture of who the person is rather than ascribing a single identity of “bicyclist”.

Also, please remember that it is a person who drives a vehicle that is involved in incidents like these. I often see language that completely ignores the fact that there is a person making decisions behind the wheel and could lead one to believe cars drive themselves.

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