Bike Incidents

Map of bicycle incidents and thefts in the Greater New Orleans area

Please note that the map function is currently not working properly, but will be back online soon. We are still collecting information about bicycle thefts and incidents! Listing your incident is useful for publicly sharing information about your stolen bicycle in order to help facilitate its potential return and/or to share news of your incident with other riders. The data collection also informs our advocacy work. Please continue to report!



Why An Incident Map?

Bike Easy uses this data to research where trouble spots are in Greater New Orleans and advocates to the appropriate law enforcement and engineering agencies to improve enforcement and infrastructure in the region.

What to do next time

If you’re in a crash, here’s some options to pursue.

Questions, Comments and Concerns about this map can be addressed to our Map Gurus or via email.

Search Our Database

Check the Bike Easy database of stolen and recovered bicycles and bicycle incidents here.

Send out an Alert!

Alert fellow bicycle riders of your stolen bicycle on Twitter

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  • Dark green routes indicated dedicated bicycle routes.
  • Light green routes indicate streets with dedicated “bike lanes.”
  • Dashed routes indicate streets or paths otherwise recommended for bicycle usage.

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