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Navigating Map-21 Workshop

National Group Advocacy Advance brings expertise for applying federal money to local projects


Fri, Nov 02, 2012
1:30 – 9:00 am


TBD in New Orleans



Target audience is regional and local bureaucrats, elected officials and advocates.

But you must pre-register


Advocacy Advance – a partnership between the League of American Bicyclists and Alliance for Biking & Walking – is facilitating an Action 2020 Workshop in New Orleans, Louisiana on Friday, November 2nd. Action 2020 Workshops bring together advocates, agency staff, and elected officials and are designed to ensure that participants have the knowledge, skills and resources to access un- or under-utilized federal funding sources at the state, regional and local level to build bicycling and walking infrastructure and programs.

We invite you to register for this one-day workshop, locally hosted by Bike Easy and the Regional Planning Commission

Action2020 Workshop attendees will:
• Learn about under-utilized funding sources that exist for biking and walking projects and programs, which the region has not yet tapped into;
• Learn the key characteristics, requirements, and opportunities of those sources and best practices from around the country;
• Discuss favorable factors for bicycling and walking investments;
• Understand the important role of advocates, agency staff, and elected officials in securing this funding; and
• Share knowledge and experiences in the local context, working together to develop a list of local priorities and strategies for funding bicycle and pedestrian projects and programs.

The workshop also serves as a great way to meet and socialize with other advocates, agency staff, elected officials, and bike/ped professionals. This provides a priceless opportunity to develop relationships and learn from the successes and avoid the mistakes of other leaders.

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