Bike to Work Day 2019



Wed, Apr 10, 2019
12:00 am – 11:59 pm


Greater New Orleans




Save the date for Bike to Work Day 2019!

If you’ve never biked to work before, Bike to Work Day is the perfect day to give bicycle commuting a try. Gather with neighbors, co-workers, and friends to bike with a group alongside our ride leaders to our annual breakfast meetup! Learn about safe and preferred routes from regular riders and discover why so many people in New Orleans choose to ride for transportation.

If you’re a consistent rider, we’d love to hear from you about why you choose to ride your bike to work. What keeps you on your bike after a challenging day like getting a flat tire or finding a random rain storm? Share your story, tell us why you’re a bike commuter! To be in contact, email

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This Event is part of Bike Easy’s Bike to Work Day Project.

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