Gentilly Crossings - Walkable Streets Pop-Up Installation

Posted by Robert Henig Bell on July 15, 2018 in Advocacy

Making busy Gentilly streets safer for walking & biking and showcasing how we can better live with water at home and in the neighborhood

Gentilly is a bedrock of the New Orleans community, a wide swath of middle and working class neighborhoods located between downtown and Lake Pontchartrain. Compared to much of the city, lots here tend to have a little more room for front yards, and the streets are often wide, busy roadways. Unfortunately, Gentilly’s wide avenues tend to be quite dangerous to cross, including roads such as Elysian Fields, Franklin, St. Anthony, and Paris Avenues.

Sign up today to help install Gentilly Crossings! – Saturday, July 28th

To improve safety and community health, Bike Easy is temporarily remaking two busy intersections in the neighborhood — Elysian Fields at Mirabeau Avenue and Saint Anthony at Mirabeau. Staff and volunteers will install elements to calm vehicular traffic including high-visibility crosswalks, curb extending bumpouts, and vertical flex-posts to better protect people walking across the street.

At Saint Anthony and Mirabeau Avenue, local artist Saegan Swanson and volunteers will paint a mural within the intersection as a beautifying, traffic-calming technique. This is a tried-and-true community improvement activity as practiced in other cities’ Paint the Pavement programs.

At Elysian Fields Avenue Bike Easy staff, local residents, and volunteers will install a mock rain garden to demonstrate how we can better live with water and to illustrate Gentilly’s unique position in the city’s stormwater management network. Trees, soil, water-wicking materials, and more will be featured for roughly a month. Tulane’s Small Center, Urban Conservancy, and other community partners are providing information at these sites about projects underway in the neighborhood to manage stormwater. Walking and biking tours will be available for residents and students during the life of the installation (follow Bike Easy for information).

The Gentilly Crossings installations will be up for two months from the end of July until the end of September. We hope by making these streets safer, more local families will be able to take advantage by walking and biking within the neighborhood and to great local amenities such as City Park and the lakefront.

Sign up today to help install Gentilly Crossings! – Saturday, July 28th

At the end of two months, all materials and Bike Easy installed designs will be removed.

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