Walk & Roll to School in Gretna

Posted by Administrator on November 10, 2015 in Bicycle Safety

Bike Easy & LA DOTD bring Walk & Roll Curriculum to schools throughout our region and most recently, this October, in Gretna.

As part of Gretna’s Safe Routes to School programming, supported by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, we partnered with the wonderful staff at Shirley T Johnson/Gretna Park Elementary to teach the Walk & Roll to School curriculum to every fourth and fifth grader at their school. Bike Easy was proud to bring bicycle and pedestrian safety education classes to students in the City of Gretna throughout October.

Reaching approximately 200 students and with help from Coach Lynette Washington and her team, all fourth and fifth graders at Shirley T Johnson/Gretna Park Elementary had four sessions of safety education. Students also received a surprise visit from their Mayor Belinda Constant! They showed off their new riding skills to Mayor Constant and were encouraged to apply the skills they learned outside of the school grounds.

Walk & Roll to School is a unique safety program for students in our region. First, students are trained in a classroom setting. Then, students practice the skills they learned by riding bikes on our safety courses as well as navigating our “Mock Road.” With our youth bike fleet and helmets, students practiced riding in control, using their brakes, and signaling before turning. The mock road is a fun walking activity for students to learn the various roles and responsibilities of pedestrians and vehicles in a controlled setting.

Bike Easy’s education efforts help students learn and practice skills they need to be safe on their bikes and while walking. We are working hard to grow the region’s bicycle culture to include our youth riders and are excited to continue to partner with schools to provide this crucial instruction!

To learn more about our Walk & Roll to School program and how you can bring Bike Easy’s instructors to your school, email virginia@bikeeasy.org.

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