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Posted by Anneka on March 10, 2015 in Advocacy, Bicycle Safety , Bike-Friendly Businesses

Bike Easy’s partnership with Bike Law Louisiana

Bike Easy is excited to announce our partnership with Bike Law Louisiana, and an expansion of our educational program capacity! Through this partnership, Bike Easy has been able to train 10 new local League Cycling Instructors to work in our education programs, teach in schools, and serve as ambassadors for bicyclist rights and responsibilities.

Bike Law is a national network of bicycle attorneys, representing injured cyclists and advocating for bicyclist rights. Bike Law is the official legal partner of the League of American Bicyclists, and Bike Easy was delighted to have the opportunity to partner with our local chapter.

When we sat down to discuss a partnership, the mission match was clear: both of our organizations work to educate bicyclists of their rights and responsibilities on the road – and we are both working to reduce crashes and injuries through education.

“Ultimately, Bike Law would like to never again represent another injured cyclist, since we’d like to see these crashes prevented in the first place through education and infrastructure improvements,” said Charlie Thomas of our local Louisiana Bike Law chapter. “However, we know that crashes do occur, and we want to ensure that bicyclists have legal representation in these unfortunate situations.”

To become a League Cycling Instructor, participants go through two weekends of training – first, to learn about the rules of the road and safe riding techniques, and secondly to learn about effective teaching methods for bicycle education. Our new group of LCIs include local PE teachers; after-school educators; a community mobility specialist; and bike mechanics – and all of these folks will be bringing their LCI certification back to their networks and communities to share what they have learned.

Growing the number of informed bicyclists, ambassadors, and educators is an exciting first step as we work to make our roadways safer for all, and Bike Easy is excited to continue this partnership program!

To learn more about the League Cycling Instructor program at Bike Easy, contact anneka (at)

If you need legal representation for a bicycle crash, product defect, or unsafe road condition, contact Charlie Thomas, our local Bike Law representative, at charlie (at)

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