Dedicated Bike Lanes on Lakeshore Drive!

Posted by Anneka on May 8, 2014 in Advocacy, Bicycle Safety

Check out Bike Easy’s proposal for dedicated bike lanes on this valued public asset


We at Bike Easy believe that the New Orleans Lakefront is a valuable asset in our City, and that’s why we think it should be accessible to everyone – walkers, bikers, picnickers, drivers, swimmers, and more! We put together this proposal to ensure equitable access on our roadway, putting a two-way bike lane on the Lake side of the street. To see Bike Easy’s proposed designs, download the proposal at the bottom of the page.

Sign a letter of support here.

Bike Easy and three other community representatives are currently working on a Blue Ribbon Committee at the Orleans Levee Board to ensure that there is space for all on this valued public asset. If you think that the New Orleans Lakefront should be accessible to all users, sign this letter to show your support! Or, even better, download the letter to the right of the page, sign it, and send it to the attached address.

Bike Easy's Proposed Designs for Lakeshore Drive

Sign this letter of support for Bike Lanes on Lakeshore Drive

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