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Lunch & Learn - Bike Safety Workshops

Posted by Heather Haylett on January 12, 2019 in Bicycle Safety , Bike-Friendly Businesses, Events

Free bike safety workshops to benefit your business and employees!

This season Bike Easy is looking to offer free “Lunch and Learn” bike safety classes at your workplace. Encouraging your employees to bike offers benefits both for them and for your business!

Educate Your Staff

  • Learn the ABC Quick Check to make sure every ride you take is safe
  • Learn how to fit your helmet properly
  • Fix a flat tire
  • Bike lock best practices
  • Basics of traffic law
  • Proper lane positioning
  • Tips for riding in inclement weather
  • Learn tips to mount and dismount your bicycle

Save Money

  • Providing bicycle parking is much cheaper than leasing or constructing car parking.
  • For every employee that bikes to work, you can save $240 per person per year on payroll taxes! For more info – see the Bicycle Commuter Act tax credit.
  • Parking, gas, car maintenance and insurance all adds up and quickly becomes the second highest household cost after housing. Biking can save employees money.

Healthy Employees

  • On average, employees who bike to work take one less sick day per year than their colleagues who drive and arrive to work invigorated, clear headed and ready to take on the day.

This Class Suits All Levels of Riders

  • We can tailor the class to suit the levels of the attendees
  • Classes are taught by League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructors

Get a Head Start on the 2019 Bike Easy Challenge

  • Bike Easy Challenge happens April 1-30 and you’re invited to take part! The Challenge is a fun, free team-based competition. There are lots of fantastic prizes being offered to tempt you and your team get out and ride in April.

What’s Needed

  • Room to fit 10-40 people
  • Audio/Visual capabilities

For more info or to schedule a class, contact Laura and check our website for more details & updates: http://www.bikeeasy.org

Connect the Crescent—Looking Forward + Video

Posted by Heather Haylett on January 10, 2019 in Advocacy

Check out the video of Blake, Frank, and Hannah taking us on a tour of the Connect the Crescent network and telling us why it matters.

Last fall, we did something big.

Bike Easy and community partners, working with the City of New Orleans, endeavored to temporarily remake several miles of roadways in and around downtown. We did so to showcase the concept of a connected, protected biking, walking, and transit network. The idea was simple: make it easy, safe, and accessible for local residents to commute between their home and jobs downtown.

Check out the video below of Blake, Frank, and Hannah taking us on a tour of the Connect the Crescent network and telling us why it matters.

  • Share it with your friends
  • Show the Mayor and City Council why this matters by sharing it on your social media and tagging them (eg- mayorcantrell, jaybanks)
  • Comment and show your support with #connectthecrescent

This project happened because of one thing: you, New Orleans citizens committed to making biking and walking an everyday choice for everyone in every neighborhood. You came out in the heat, the rain, and you built 2.5 miles of protected bikeways. You were the centerpiece of a transformative collaboration between regular citizens, a small non-profit, and our city government. You built something special for the entire community and did so at a cost of roughly ZERO local tax dollars.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Connect the Crescent was designed to be a temporary demonstration and during it’s three months of operation, thousands of local residents got to experience a new, safe way to get around town. Conversations were started, valuable data was collected, and a wealth of community feedback was generated for public officials to make use of ahead of forthcoming permanent, protected bikeway installations across the city. As you read this right now, we’re busy assembling a report which will detail all we’ve learned. We’ll be sharing those findings over the coming weeks.

So, thanks for riding. Thanks for being out there with us. We’re just getting started.

Bike Safety PSA Videos

Posted by Heather Haylett on January 8, 2019 in Bicycle Safety

Videos to teach the public about bike safety.

In partnership with the New Orleans Health Department, Bike Easy has released two new bike safety PSA’s:

Bike Law Louisiana: Goals met and upcoming challenges

Posted by Heather Haylett on January 3, 2019 in Advocacy, Bicycle Safety

Sharing 2018 highlights from our friends at Bike Law Louisiana!

The following is a newsletter from Bike Law Louisiana.

Read the original newsletter here.

We’re hard at work in 2019.

But before we dismiss 2018, here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to over the past year. We appreciate your continued support as we push for better legal protections both in and out of courtrooms.

Looking ahead, Bike Law is focused on curtailing distracted driving in 2019. This danger is as harmful as drunk driving and poses a disproportionately high risk to people riding bikes. Bike Law is fighting for more enforceable laws and increased personal responsibility. We’ll also continue to work with cellular experts in cases where we suspect that a driver was distracted.

We’re leading off 2019 with two bike cases heading to trial in January followed by a 100 mile Bike Law gravel ride. As we continue on this journey, we encourage you to reach out to discuss crashes, hostile encounters, and any other bike-related issues. Follow us on social media (badges below) for regular updates or reach out directly to Charlie Thomas or Rachael Maney.

  • Bike Easy bestowed their highest award on us, and we couldn’t be more honored to receive the 2018 Bike Easy Award.
  • We formulated the manual on how to prove that a driver was texting immediately before a crash (FYI – chance of crashing is 23x higher when texting).
  • 2018 marked our 4th year partnering with Bike Easy for Bike to Work Day, which helps encourage others in addition to the 5,900+ people who commute to work by bicycle each day in the New Orleans area.
  • We conducted jury focus groups to understand what biases jurors have about bicyclists. This perspective is necessary to carefully choose themes for trial as verdicts are often decided by non-riders.
  • Our Bike Law Training Camp in SoCal covered strategic planning (and plenty of mileage).
  • Sharing advocacy tips: Bike Easy’s Dan Favre met with Bike Houston Clark Martinson in New Orleans to discuss respective challenges and successes.
  • Janneke van der Molen discussed all things bike-related in Louisiana with us on her weekly radio show, Outspokin!
  • We hung with the 2018 Tulane University Cycling Team as they learned from Dustin Drewes about the fundamentals of an echelon, as shown through slow-moving condiments.
  • And we moonlighted as pro mechanics with the Haute Route in Asheville. Don’t worry, no bicycles were harmed.
  • We never forgot to keep riding and meet a few Strava goals along the way…
  • We also never forgot that riding on Louisiana roads comes with its fair share of hazards and debris.
  • We worked with the New Orleans Dept. of Public Works to ensure that bike racks are used exclusively for bicycle parking. This had become an issue.
  • Bike Law also teamed up with Cycliq to capture footage that holds dangerous drivers accountable. Riding with cameras is quickly becoming the new normal.
  • We “lent” one of New Orleans’ best advocates, Meg Young, to Baltimore. Come back soon!
  • We made new friends in Lafayette (including Chris, Lyon, and a quick-recovering Roy Landry!)
  • It’s important to us that local rides and events (such as NOLA Fixed scavenger races) are supported.

Connect the Crescent Wraps Up

Posted by Heather Haylett on December 11, 2018 in Advocacy

The 3-month demonstration undergoes deconstruction

Go out for a ride before the sun sets on Connect The Crescent, a demonstration of a protected, connected transportation network for downtown New Orleans, as well as a collaboration with community partners and support from the City of New Orleans.

Over the next week, we will be returning streets renovated with protected bikeways to their previous configurations. If you’d like to volunteer to help, sign up HERE!

If you haven’t yet taken a ride or walk on the Connect The Crescent network, well, you should! Especially if you want New Orleans and the region to be a place where each of us can move around safely and affordably, go to ConnectTheCrescent.com and take our ‘Transportation Choices Survey’.

Your participation is critical in shaping how our city streets will be rebuilt, for all uses and for all people, in the months and years ahead.

Annual Membership Meeting

Posted by Heather Haylett on December 10, 2018 in Membership

Tuesday, December 11th 6 - 8 pm

Don’t forget the Bike Easy Annual Membership Meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday the 11th from 6 pm to 8 pm at The Broad Theater – 636 N. Broad Street. We will celebrate the accomplishments of Bike Easy throughout 2018 and honor members and community partners who have gone above and beyond.

This event is for Bike Easy Members only, but feel free to invite others as well, and they can sign up for membership online or at the event to gain entry. Not a Member yet? Join Bike Easy today!

This meeting will last about 45 minutes with casual mingling and a cash bar before and after. There will be a vote on proposed Bike Easy bylaw changes (check out the suggested changes). Come and cast your vote to help guide the future of the organization!

In addition to business, there will be door prizes for Members in attendance – everyone will be a winner! We’re also looking forward to showcasing our profile videos on the big screen as well as presenting the Bike Easy Awards.

Most of all, though, this event is special because of you. Bike Easy Members are a great crowd of people and it’s always a good time when we get together. We hope you’ll join us as we remember the past year, look towards the future, and socialize with others who love bikes!

Become a Bike Easy Member today or make a special gift to help us reach our year-end goal of $5,000 in Membership gifts!

Bike Safety Education with Bike Easy & Uber

Posted by Heather Haylett on December 6, 2018 in Bicycle Safety

The nations first Bike/Walk Friendly Driver Workshop with Uber

Tuesday, Nov 27th, Bike Easy led our Bike/Walk Friendly Driver Workshop at Uber’s Greenlight Hub on Bayou Road. This is the start of our new partnership to help promote road safety in New Orleans.

Through our Bike/Walk Friendly Driver Workshop, we are sharing with the Uber drivers tips on safely sharing the road with people biking and walking. We had a good workshop with a healthy discussion on road safety, exploring different scenarios where yielding and reduced speeding are the best options. Check out the pic and video links.

Girl in a jacket

Bike Easy continues to seek our partnerships with companies and organizations that manage fleet vehicles in order to direct training towards drivers spending many hours on the road. We’re specifically interested in reaching out to United Cab and other cab companies around New Orleans. Do you have direct contact with these companies?

Contact Keith for more information.

Last days to ride Connect The Crescent

Posted by Heather Haylett on December 5, 2018 in Advocacy

(and tell us about it!)

Over these last 3 months, New Orleans residents have had the chance to experience something new getting around town: an integrated transportation network demonstration called Connect The Crescent.

Sadly, the protected bikeways we’ve grown accustomed to riding will only be up for a couple more weeks. So while the weather is still nice get out there for a ride or go for a walk, and then show your support for safe, accessible transportation options for every New Orleans resident.

Take our Transportation Choices survey now!

Bike up from the Algiers Ferry on the protected bikeway on Canal Street, head downtown from Central City or Broadmoor along Simon Bolivar Avenue to the Baronne Street 2-Way Bikeway, or to the French Quarter from the Lafitte Greenway via the protected crossing at St. Louis and Basin Street.

As the City determines how to permanently improve our streets, your support is crucial. We’ve heard many great stories and have been excited to learn about improvements to people’s daily journeys getting around town. Quentin and his family in Central City who are now less worried about their young son being hit by a car… again. The visually-impaired man who stopped by our office to let us know how much easier it is for him to cross Simon Bolivar Avenue. Helen who works on Baronne Street and finally feels secure and safe enough to bike to work everyday. Let’s make sure we’re sharing our support for safe biking and walking with local leaders and in our communities. They need to hear from you!

If you feel safer biking, walking, or driving on or along the ‘Connect the Crescent’ network installations, fill out the survey now.

Also, if you’d like to be a part of this effort in making biking and walking in New Orleans safe and accessible, we could still use your help. Sign up to volunteer traffic counts, surveying residents, and helping us deconstruct the lanes before the holidays.

Bike to the Books

Posted by David Meza on December 4, 2018 in Bicycle Safety , Bike-Friendly Businesses

Bike Easy partnered with the New Orleans Public Library to help improve and promote biking to the library and around the city.

December saw the launch of “Bike to the Books” an effort to promote and improve biking in the city through the New Orleans Public Library and Bike Easy. With two FixIt stations already in place at libraries around the city, Main Library hosted the first Bike Easy workshop free to the public on December 3rd. The event drew in riders of varying experience and all of them proved to be extremely excited about the efforts around improving bicycling from Bike Easy, the New Orleans Public Library, and Blue Bikes. With the “Bike to the Books” programming just going public it was a great opportunity to introduce everyone to the many facets of the NOPL’s efforts:

FixIt Stations

Bike Easy has installed public use repair stations at the Main Library and Norman Mayer Library, with more stations scheduled at Nora Navra Library and Martin Luther King Library. These stations provide everything needed for quick adjustments, flat fixing, routine maintenance, and some more intricate repairs. Each station has a durable air pump complete with pressure gauge to ensure tires are properly inflated.

Bike Easy Workshops

The libraries are offering free workshops put on through Bike Easy. As always, our workshops will provide information on safe riding techniques, rules of the road, and our current projects. Each of these workshops will include a detailed overview of using a FixIt Station and routine maintenance. Get hands on experience practicing fixing a flat or bring your bike along to try out your new skills!

Bike Lock Check Out

Bike Easy helped secure U-Locks and cables which are now available for anybody riding to the library. To ensure that no one using the many resources at the library has to leave their bicycle vulnerable, each branch now allows locks to be checked out for up to 24 hours. The bike locks are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are only o be used on Library bike racks.

Blue bike Hubs

Blue Bike hubs can be found around many of the libraries within the Blue Bike network. These offer residents a great opportunity to ride to or from the library without their own bicycle. The Blue Bike hub outside of the Main Library on Loyola Avenue is one of the most regularly used hubs and a popular hub for low-income residence. The library has allowed Bike Easy and Blue Bikes to table at various events in order to promote the reduced fare program from Blue Bikes and hand out free passes to those in need!

So now that their making it so easy, make sure to bike on over to your local library and find out more about all their great programming!

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