Connect the Crescent

Bike Easy’s overall strategic framework for improving health and mobility for everyone throughout the Greater New Orleans region.

Better, easier access to safe biking, walking, and transit options leads to improved health, economic, social justice, and environmental outcomes. In short, Bike Easy works to improve the entire Greater New Orleans region through improved mobility.

We aim to connect neighborhoods, connect parishes and cities, and, most importantly, connect people. It’s about connecting people to jobs; parents and kids to their schools; residents to amenities like stores, churches, and parks; and people to healthcare and their own health. This is especially important and requires particular focus in the low-wealth neighborhoods and communities of color that have been negatively impacted by past transportation decisions and currently lack adequate options for easily getting around the region.

Our advocacy strategy focuses on three prongs: Complete Streets, a Comprehensive Network, and Better Bikeways.

Streets Built To Share

The complete streets approach is based on the premise that everybody, regardless of identity, where they live, or how they get around, should have the choice to travel in a safe and convenient manner. It means every street that is built or reconstructed is designed to accommodate all people. Our long-term goal is that this complete streets approach is institutionalized and normalized in all jurisdictions of Greater New Orleans and that all steps of street design, construction, and operations embody these values.

A Comprehensive Network

Transportation connections don’t just happen by accident – whether it’s a bus transfer going smoothly or conveniently using your bike, the bus, and your feet each time you go to work, it takes a solid plan and strong vision to create those connections. In all of the political jurisdictions in the region, Bike Easy advocates for bicycle and pedestrian plans that put forth a comprehensive vision for safe, accessible networks that also integrate with other forms of transportation and create regional connections.

Better Bikeways

In order to increase the number of people benefiting from bicycling, Bike Easy knows our region needs to build an interconnected network of low-stress bicycle routes that make it comfortable, safe, and attractive for people of all ages and skill-levels to ride a bicycle. Bike Easy educates the public and decision-makers about the safest, most convenient infrastructure – protected bike lanes, off-street paths, neighborhood greenways, secure bike parking, and more – and proposes specific concepts for specific locations.

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