Safe Bridges Campaign

Bridges need to be safe and easy to cross for all users

2018 Update

The Wisner Boulevard Bridge has finished construction! This bridge allows bicyclists and pedestrians a passage over I-10, protected by a concrete barrier from motor vehicle traffic. This bridge joins the existing shared use path from the lake and the newest extension which runs along St. John Bayou to Esplanade, where cyclists can join a path to City Park or down Esplanade towards the river!


Campaign Overview

After working on St. Claude Bridge safety, we realized that we needed to expand the campaign to include critical bridges, underpasses and overpasses to truly connect the bicycle network.

Bridges, overpasses, and underpasses are often the only reasonable option for bikers to get to where they need to go. This was reflected by the results of a recent survey given by Bike Easy in which 70% of respondents said they encounter bridges, overpasses, or underpasses that must cross on their common routes and feel unsafe doing so. Worse yet, 77% of respondents said they go out of their way to avoid bridges, overpasses, or underpasses along their usual routes.

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