Bicycle Share for New Orleans

Bike Share is coming to New Orleans!

On April 19, 2016, the City of New Orleans released a Request for Proposals inviting companies to submit their bids to bring a bike share system to New Orleans! This is a huge and important step towards seeing bike share on the streets, a goal that Bike Easy has focused on for nearly 5 years!

The City’s RFP is very strong – it requires at least 700 bikes that serve residents and visitors alike, with a focus on accessibility low-income communities and specific neighborhoods, and asks the companies to include safety education programming. Bike Easy is excited to see experienced bike share companies share their proposals for bringing a sustainable, equitable bike share system to New Orleans!

Bike Easy released the first Bicycle Share Feasibility Study for New Orleans in 2012.

What is Bicycle Share?

Bicycle share is a network of bicycles and automated kiosks that allows users to make short trips (1 to 3 miles) quickly, conveniently and affordably. Bicycle share is in over 100 European and over 60 American cities. Even a small scale bicycle share system (e.g. 200 bicycles) would have a profound impact on improving New Orleans’ transportation network.

What impact will it have on New Orleans?

As you know, the benefits of bicycling are many. The bicycle share extends those benefits to everyday people who don’t usually ride bicycles. It increases our audience, builds a sense of pride in bicycling and increases safety for everyone on bicycles.

Bicycle Safety

More bicycles on the road have created safer streets in communities around the world. Bicycle share gets more people on bicycles and improves safety for everyday riders.

Economic Development

It will increase visitor and resident ability to get around town and spend money at local businesses.

Social Equity

Improving access to disadvantaged populations will help build wealth and equity in New Orleans.

Traffic Congestion Mitigation

More people on bikes means fewer cars on roads.

What is the implementation plan?

While bike share can be complicated to get right, experience elsewhere has produced various winning models for implementation. After years of advocating at City Hall, we are pleased to see a strong RFP, and we are now working to ensure the company chosen has the experience and motivation to create a sustainable and equitable bike share system. Stay tuned for updates!

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