Robin Jones

Robin Jones

Robin recently rediscovered the sheer FUN of recreational (read “slow and relaxed”) cycling; however her interest in biking-related issues extends beyond her own enjoyment. Initiatives that promote safe and equitable cycling also feed into a larger framework of equity in housing, job access, mobility, and overall quality-of-life. The time has come to help institutions and the general public understand that our roadways belong to ALL travelers, not just those who operate motor vehicles. Robin hopes to play a role in educating the public in order to change the negative perceptions and attitudes that hinder New Orleans’ efforts to become a great biking city.

Robin began serving on the Bike Easy Board of Directors in 2019. A native of Dayton, Ohio, she has called New Orleans home since 1996, but has also lived in Atlanta, Birmingham (AL), Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and suburban Washington, D.C. She and her husband Warren currently reside in Algiers. Robin is a public-sector urban planner for whom planning is a second career: her first 25 years in the workforce were spent in the healthcare industry. She is also a real estate broker and notary public who is involved with affordable housing, water management, public transit, emergency preparedness, and neighborhood/community development issues.


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Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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