Paul Langenwalter, III

Paul Langenwalter, III

Originally from Southern California, Paul has pursued a lifetime love of cycling in all its forms including everything from building launch ramps in the garage as a child, to weekend team rides along the Pacific Coastal Highway and vacations riding the rolling hills of California’s wine country. Here in New Orleans he can be found riding along the Algiers Pedestrian and Bike Path and all over the city by way of the ferry from Algiers where he lives. He is committed to promoting cycling as an efficient, healthy, safe, equitable and fun means of transportation in New Orleans and beyond.

Paul’s educational background is in Economics and Accounting and he works professionally in accounting, finance and business operations, primarily as an executive at the commercial real estate firm Property One. He balances his professional responsibilities with a commitment to civic engagement, volunteering and serving organizations in the Greater New Orleans area.


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Paul Langenwalter, III

Paul Langenwalter, III

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