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Bike Easy makes bicycling easy, safe, and fun for everyone in Greater New Orleans.


Bicycling has deep roots in Greater New Orleans’ history. We represent all people who ride or would like to ride bicycles in Greater New Orleans.


Bike Easy believes in the power of bicycling to help create a healthy, prosperous, resilient, and equitable future for all people of the region. We envision safe, convenient transportation options for everyone and the freedom to get around easily. We aim to share the joy of bicycling and make it an easy choice for everyone. We also know that streets safe for bicycling are safe for walking and vice versa. We imagine a future where people of all ages and abilities can bike, walk, and take transit safely, whoever they are and wherever they live.


Dramatically increase the number of people regularly and safely riding bicycles in Greater New Orleans.
Metrics: Bicycle commuter American Community Survey data and RPC/UNO Transportation Institute count data
Reduce the rate of crashes involving people walking and biking.
Metrics: Local and state crash data
Demonstrate broad public support and develop strong community leadership for safe bicycling and walking while building broad partnerships to ensure comprehensive approaches to improving our region
Metrics: Bike Easy Membership, participation of advocates and volunteers in campaigns and events, active League Cycling Instructors in the region, active Ambassadors in the region, people participating in Bike Easy trainings (safety and advocacy), participation and leadership in broad coalitions promoting health, prosperity, sustainability, resilience, and equity
Increase the amount of low-stress bikeways, bicycle network connections, and bikeway integration with transit and walking networks throughout Greater New Orleans.
_Metrics: miles of low-stress bikeways, unsafe “hotspots” identified and addressed, effective crossover points between walking, biking, and transit _
Advocate to ensure bicycling and walking investments and resources for improvement are prioritized based on need and distributed in a more equitable way
Metrics: development of internal Bike Easy policy, values, and guidance; walking and biking investments in low-income and communities of color; engagement with people who have traditionally been left out of transportation planning



Bike Easy works to educate the community on safe conduct for people on bikes. From 4th graders to grandparents, we help people learn to safely and confidently ride their bikes. We also educate drivers, community leaders, and those charged with enforcing our traffic laws about the benefits of cycling and their role in ensuring easy, fun, and safe bicycling for everyone.

2017-2020 ACTION ITEMS

  • Driver Safety Education Campaign
  • Youth and Adult Bike Safety Trainings
  • Community Leader Bike Safety Education


Bike Easy builds public support through grassroots organizing and community dialogue to ensure that elected officials and decision-makers prioritize safe and accessible bicycling. We push for streets built to share by being a political voice for people who bike, cultivating and supporting champions of better bicycling, and continually listening to the community’s needs in order to amplify them. Our advocacy interfaces with other important issues like walking safety, transit access, health equity, affordable housing, green infrastructure, economic development for all, and more.

2017-2020 ACTION ITEMS

  • Connect the Crescent Campaign
  • Complete Streets policies passed or updated
  • Regional bikeway network planned and implementation begun
  • Better bikeways being built, i.e. protected bike lanes
  • Advocacy leadership development programs
  • Enable and encourage citizen advocacy in support of better biking and walking
  • Representing the bicycling community in politics and policy discussions


Bike Easy helps people discover the joy of bicycling through community events and social activities. More people riding bikes increases safe behavior on our streets, builds public support for more bikeways, and adds to the growing momentum for Greater New Orleans to be a great bicycling region!

2017-2020 ACTION ITEMS

  • Annual Bike to Work Day and the Bike Easy Challenge
  • Regular Bicycle Second Lines and other ride events
  • Bicycle Valet at the region’s festivals and events
  • Bicycle-Friendly Business Program
  • Supporting the vibrant bicycle culture of Greater New Orleans


Bike Easy intends to develop its capacity, as well as the broader bicycling movement. It will generate human and financial resources to implement the Education, Advocacy, and Community strategies described above.

2017-2020 ACTION ITEMS

  • Secure sufficient funds and create sustainable financial outlook
  • Grow staff size and capacity
  • Develop and adopt formal Bike Easy equity and accessibility policy
  • Improve Bike Easy Membership and Volunteer Programs
  • Maintain effective communications internally, with supporters, and to the public at large
  • Host Greater New Orleans Walking and Biking Summit in 2020



Bike Easy has been at the forefront of advocating for a New Orleans bike share system, and we are celebrating the launch of the system in 2017! Bike share will be a powerful tool to help reach the goals laid out in this plan, and Bike Easy is incorporating bike share into all of our strategies.


  • Support implementation of a sustainable and equitable bike share system
  • Encourage community engagement in developing details of New Orleans Bike Share
  • Conduct safety education and community activities that focus on bike share once the system has launched
  • Promote use of bike share


Bike Easy, the City of New Orleans, and the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau collaborated to create the winning bid for bringing North America’s premier gathering of walking and biking professionals from the public and private sectors to New Orleans in 2018! Hosting Walk Bike Places 2018 in New Orleans will build momentum for improved walking and biking in a number of ways – providing powerful professional development opportunities for engineers and designers, creating legacy projects and engaging the community in demonstration projects, and bringing an incredible amount of energy and expertise to the region.


  • Chair the Local Host Committee
    This plan was developed in partnership with a diverse array of people and organizations across Greater New Orleans, and Bike Easy extends a special thanks to Design Team members and all Greater New Orleans Biking and Walking Summit participants. Moving forward to achieve these community-inspired goals will continue to require broad engagement, support, and collaboration. Become a Bike Easy Member today and sign up to volunteer!
    Many thanks to S & G Endeavors, http://www.sgendeavors.com, for facilitating the strategic planning process and Greater New Orleans Biking and Walking Summit.


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