About Us

Who We Are

Bike Easy is a volunteer-driven organization guided by a Board of Directors and energized by the participation of our growing community of Bike Easy Members and staff. Through hands-on outreach and education, advocacy and partnership with government agencies, and collaboration with diverse local organizations we’re helping to make bicycling an integral part of New Orleans life.

Bike Easy represents all people who ride bikes and we work to make the entire community of Greater New Orleans better through bicycling.

What We Do

Bike Easy works to make bicycling in Greater New Orleans easy, fun, and safe for everyone. We envision a car-optional region that encourages healthy transportation and eliminates serious injuries on the roadway. We strive to create more livable communities and improve quality of life throughout the region, and our work often extends to ensuring better transportation options for people who primarily walk, drive, and take transit as well.

Our work is organized into three main categories:

Community Education and Safety

Through direct training, safety programs, and community outreach, Bike Easy increases safety and helps people learn to safely and confidently ride their bikes. We also work to educate people who drive, members of justice system, and community leaders about the benefits of cycling and how they can help ensure easy, fun, and safe bicycling for everyone.

Advocacy and Organizing

Bike Easy works to improve bicycling infrastructure and policies by working with local, regional, state, and federal governments and advocating for a better social, physical, and legal environment for people who ride bikes.

Encouragement and Events

Bicycling has deep roots in the Greater New Orleans’ history, and Bike Easy works to support the continued growth of the region’s bicycle culture through encouragement activities and events like Bicycle Valet at local festivals and our signature Bicycle Second Line rides.

Our History

Bike Easy was formed in 2003, when it was called the Metro Bicycle Coalition. The group was formed by local residents who first organized around the successful campaign to secure some $4 million in funding to develop a bicycle route network in the City of New Orleans Master Plan.

Since then, our work has helped raise the profile of bicycling and other transportation access issues around the New Orleans area and it’s led to more livable communities and concrete improvements in local transportation networks.

Recent accomplishments include:

  • helping the City of New Orleans earn Silver-Level Bicycle-Friendly City recognition from the League of American Bicyclists
  • reaching over 1,400 4th and 5th graders safe walking and biking skills through Safe Routes to School programming in 2015 alone
  • advocating for dedicated bicycle facilities like the Baronne Street bike lane, the Basin Street two-way protected cycle track, the Lafitte Greenway, and the over 100 miles of bicycle infrastructure in the City of New Orleans
  • organizing two annual Bicycle Second Line, with hundreds of people coming out to ride
  • promoting policies and plans like Complete Streets and the Jefferson Parish Bicycle Master Plan

As Bike Easy moves forward, we continue to make bicycling an integral part of New Orleans life and improve transportation access for all in our community. We hope you’ll get involved.


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