Cheryl Lambert Riess

Cheryl Lambert Riess

Cheryl Lambert Riess is a native New Orleanean and lives in Metairie. Cycling is a way for her to advance her passion for self-fitness and a cleaner environment. She particularly loves cycling the streets of New Orleans, has commuted from Old Metairie to her job downtown, and regularly bikes for fun into the Bywater and around Lake Pontchartrain. Cheryl has also enjoyed exploring other cities and national parks by bicycle. A visit to Copenhagen in recent years opened her eyes to what a city can do to accommodate cycling as a viable means of transit. Nothing would make her happier than to hear the whirl of bike tires at rush hour in New Orleans rather than horns. Making cycling fun, safe, and enjoyable in Jefferson, as well as Orleans, is one of her goals.

During the day, Cheryl is a Staff Attorney for the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, where she has worked for 25 years. She earned her law degree at Loyola University in New Orleans and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from LSU. Cheryl is a regular student at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, where she currently studies Figure Drawing and Oil Painting. She is married to George Riess. Between them they have six grown children and a beloved boxer, Zigzag.


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Cheryl Lambert Riess

Cheryl Lambert Riess

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